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This story was rewritten at 2:50 pm for the purposes of clarity.

The City of Berkeley has ordered an investigation 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone into Police Chief Michael Meehan following his decision to send an officer to a reporter home at 12:45 am on March 9 asking him to make a correction.

The statement by Interim City Manager Christine Daniel that she had hired public law specialists Renne Sloan Holtzman Sakaion Monday was issued today, less than half an hour after the Berkeley Police Association said it had sent Daniel a letter calling for a formal investigation into the Chief.

On being informed of the city action,Officer Tim Kaplan, President of the Berkeley Police Association, said: great to hear. That exactly what we feel should be done. It the right step. told Berkeleyside earlier today: "The bottom line is we do not believe there should be double standards in the department. It is guaranteed that any captain, lieutenant or sergeant would be on administrative leave if this had happened to them. 18. Oakley made a revision, but said he felt intimidated by the visit.

Sgt Kusmiss was put in a difficult position on the nightaccordingto Alison Berry Wilkinson who Kusmisshired as her attorney the weekend after the incident. Kusmiss knew where Oakley lived, since he knew where the reporter lived.

The BPA statement reads: has been quoted in numerous press articles stating: was a significant error of judgment on my part. If a police officer uses poor judgment and violates Department policy, he is placed on administrative leave and is fully investigated. As law enforcement officers, we don't just get to say 'I'm sorry' and have the whole matter go away."

The three page statement continues: "The Berkeley Police Department, through its Chief of Police, has been eager to investigate and Deca Durabolin 250 Mg Price In India discipline officers while espousing zero tolerance at many levels for violations of policy and procedures. Moreover, the Chief of Police has demanded that the Anavar E Espinhas members of the Police Department perform at the highest levels and constantly insists that accountability be a necessary component to the delivery of police services to the citizens of Berkeley. letter further states: "The media accounts and the Chief's own admissions and apologies to various members of the Police Department seem to confirm that the order to Sergeant Kusmiss was not only inappropriate, but in violation of professional standards." "It is appalling that the City of Berkeley has seen fit "Hgh Jintropin Avis" to simply allow this incident to slide into a media graveyard without further examination or review."

Investigation on six fronts

The letter demands an outside independent Deca Durabolin C'Est Quoi investigation into the following possible departmental policy violations: (1) misconduct/supervisory and command officer responsibility; (2) reporting misconduct; (3) general responsibilities of officers and employees; (4) courtesy; (5) acts statements by employees; and, (6) function of the Chief of Police.

The BPAreleased a statementtwo days after the Oakley incident, on Sunday, March 11, saying "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" officers were "gravely concerned" about Chief Meehan's action.

Responsibility for disciplining the police chief falls to Interim City Manager Christine Daniel who, in "Oxandrolone Powder India" a statement also released on March 11, said she"took the situation very seriously. A request from Berkeleyside to interview Daniel was declined.

"The citizens of Berkeley rightfully demand at every level complete transparency and full accountability of its police officers and should expect nothing less from their Chief of Police," Kaplan said. "The City can't just sweep this or any other potential policy violation under the rug."

Kaplan told Berkeleyside the BPA wants the investigation to be carried out by anindependent person outside the police profession. do not have a preconceived idea of the outcome, he said.

Read the letter from the Berkeley Police Association to Berkeley Interim City Manager Christine Daniel.

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Except what else is there that it would be useful to know and worth a large amount of money and further anguish to discover?

If one truly believes that constitutional rights have been violated as well as department standards and practices and therefore, implicitly at least, the Chief contract, what difference will it make whether Ms. Kusmiss knew the reporter address? This seems far from a close call to me based on what the Chief already has acknowledged.

In the meantime, Ms. Kusmiss also is spending money on private counsel and the Chief might be too. I have experience with paying for lawyers that tells me anyone who find him or herself in that position will be spending lots of money that they otherwise would keep.

I am looking for the opportunity to refocus on the four or more horrific crimes two that ended the lives of productive and worthy men and two that seem to pose the threat of lawlessness that have happened in Berkeley this year.

It not up that I want to see. Those of us who lived near Mr. Cukor already are shaken as are, I imagine, those who knew and cared for Kenneth Warren. I want to focus on how to make us be and feel safer than we are and do right now. It settling down that I want.

I get you. I meant by my post that I obviously got the part you call NIMBY but understood that he just wanted the station to be located elsewhere. (Several available sites were considered before this one was chosen.)

I actually thought while this process played out that I would like to have a fire station across the street from my house. I assumed that firemen and women would make great neighbors and that it would be reassuring to have first responders that close by.

I recently saw a story that included the statement that Mr. Cukor had come to appreciate the design of the station. I was glad to read that.

In response to your statement about the FD making great neighbors, I wish I could say that the Training Center on Cedar Street (which also houses a Fire Station on the same property), was a better neighbor. In the past we havehad to complain about the burning of diesel fuel during training classes, where the smoke blew directly in our backyard 3 houses away. The complaints were ingnored until we actually complained to Buy Jintropin the Air Quality folks.